of Port Harford Chandlery and Pub & Portside Coffee: Despite five years of increasing
success, growing patronage and customer satisfaction; Port San Luis Harbor District
has chosen not to renew and extend our lease. We had great plans for facility
improvements and implementing ideas suggested by our customers. However, just
as John Harford moved on from those who neither saw nor appreciated his vision for
Port Harford, so too must we move on. It has been our pleasure serving you and reacquainting
our customers with the true history of the harbor.

Kim Smario

Discover the extraordinary pleasure of Illy, the celebrated Italian espresso coffee served in the finest restaurants and cafés and enjoyed by coffee connoisseurs worldwide.

Be sure to ask for a rewards card. Buy a coffee and have your card punched, recieve ten punches get a free cup of coffee or pastry.


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